Learn what five megatrends will be creating headwinds and tailwinds in the next 10 years.
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April 1, 2019


Hitachi America, Ltd
 Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

See how Warren Distribution used Hitachi's lineup of continuous inkjet printers, along with their robust service and support, to reduce set-up and training time.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Rocky Mtn Spice Company needed a flexible printer they could rely on to mark and code the various spices packaged at their facility in Denver, Colorado. After a demo of the Hitachi RX2 Series Continuous Inkjet Printers, it was clear that they would be reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Baker Cheese needed to reduce downtime and increase print consistency in order to meet consumer expectations. After two weeks of head-to-head trials, they selected Hitachi RX Series Continuous Inkjet Printers as the clear winner.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi's UX Series continuous inkjet printers represent the pinnacle of innovation in marking and coding technology, backed by Hitachi's reputation for Reliability, Efficiency, and Ease of Use.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

After reviewing five competitive manufacturer’s printers Giroux's Farms chose Hitachi to supply and install 28 Hitachi RX Series Continuous Inkjet Printers. The result was an immediate improvement in uptime, a 43% reduction in operating costs, and elimination of print related carton waste.


David Feber of McKinsey & Company outlines five key megatrends that will affect the growth and profitability of players in the packaging industry over the next five to 10 years. 

Cannabis oil producer and vape pen cartridge seller Pyramid Pens streamlines its packaging by standardizing its biggest-volume products around a single family of blister packs with cardstock. 

Controversial research from Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality calls into question some of the common understandings of sustainable packaging. 

Bold changes to its Paperwhite packaging returned the Kindle to an e-commerce-friendly primary packaging design, reducing costs and meeting sustainability goals along the way. 

Channel proliferation, star ratings, increased supply chain complexity, robot warehouses, and dimensional weight are a few of many e-commerce-related terms that rose to the forefront of discussion throughout 2018. 

Industrial robot sales in the food and beverage processing market continue to grow and now represent the second largest growth sector behind automotive, according to a new infographic from PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies. 

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Clean-In-Place (CIP) is a widely utilized practice, especially for systems that process food, dairy, beverages, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, pet food, and bio-tech. Well-designed CIP systems can help meet the challenges of the Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) recommendations on cleaning and sanitation, as well as Sanitation Preventive Controls and verification.

Program content will explore generic definitions, equipment considerations, best practices, and protocols that can be leveraged across multiple process lines to drive improved operations, product quality, consumer safety, and sustainability.
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